Team Parents


Interested in Becoming a Team Parent?

So you are looking to volunteer to be a Team Parent. Now What? The following information will get you on the right

track so do not worry. You will find the time you put in for volunteering as Team Parent rewarding and fun.

Generally speaking, the Team Parent's duties and responsibilities are to do the administrative tasks for the

team which will allow the coach to concentrate on coaching the players and team development.



 TEAM PARENT MEETING - Attend the Team Parent meeting and receive all the information you need to pass onto the parents. We will provide you with all the information needed to be the liaison of your team.

MAKE AN AFTER-GAME SNACK SCHEDULE - Optional. Once you get your game schedule, pick a team player that will be responsible for bringing snacks that day. The players really appreciate and enjoy these

snacks and refreshments after a game. 

NOTE: Please make sure to check with parents' to make sure their child doesn't have any food allergies.

COMMUNICATION - Send out an email/text, "Hey I'm the Team Parent” as soon as you can. You will need to always keep parents informed of what's going on with the team as well as with the league.

TEAM BANNER - You will need to make a team banner for homecoming.

PICTURE DAY -  You will need to pass out the picture order forms and inform the families on your team of your scheduled picture time.



Our application forms are docusign fillable pdf forms for your convenience, you can save and submit your application and email it to:


In the subject line, reference your name




Free! Required League Certification



 $15.00 Background Requirement 

Questions or Concerns Regarding Becoming a Team Parent

Email our Parent Liasion - Kaylanna Lindor

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our players and parents. Feel free to drop by the office!

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